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Egg and Spinach Scramble

Egg and Spinach Scramble

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Egg and Spinach Scramble

This might not be for everyone, but it’s a nice healthy side for dinner! It’s basically quiche without the crust, it’s great for people trying the Keto diet.

1 box frozen spinach

2 heaping tbsp sour cream

4 garlic cloves

1 red onion chopped


1 tsp dried Celery leaves

1 cup shredded cheddar

2 eggs

-Thaw spinach

-Fry up the garlic and onions in a couple tablespoons of butter - until soft and translucent. Add celery leaves.

-Add spinach. Cook until liquids have evaporated. Salt and pepper

-Throw in 2 heaping tablespoons sour cream

-Add cheddar. Cook until melty

-Crack both eggs into the pan, mix up with everything else and cook for another 5 minutes

-Serve! I like to throw on some pumpkin seeds for a crunch.

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