This is the only place I’ll be wordy, I promise


Shut Up

Hi, I’m Casey! I like to cook. I like trying new recipes. I also don’t have time to read soliloquies on food blog sites in order to get to a tasty recipe.

If I wanted to read a book, I would go pick up a goddamn book and start reading it.

I just want the recipe. I’m standing in my kitchen starving and wanting to cook something for dinner but you’re going on and on about how sunlight dapples on the grapes in Napa Valley.

Shut up. SHUT UP.

“Why don’t you just buy a cookbook if you want to avoid the backstory?” You could ask. Well the answer is that I’m already poor and I can’t afford to buy a fucking library of cookbooks so I can avoid ads.

Like yea, that story about your Grandpa making pickles in the storm cellar is cool and sweet and all but I DO NOT have time to be reading a whole ass article about a cucumber salad - I’m IN the grocery store already with bad reception and I just want to know what to buy. Your recipe isn’t loading on my phone. This bitch doesn’t have time to sift through your essay in the middle of a crowded grocery store.

Just give me the goddamn recipe. That’s it.

I’m basically making this website for myself, but I think others might enjoy it as well! It’s gonna include all kinds of recipes from all over with very short descriptions, if any at all.


  • I’m not a professional chef, and neither are the people who are contributing. Some of these recipes might be terrible in all honesty. I have some friends/family who are stellar cooks, but you best use your own judgement as to whether or not you’re gonna like a recipe.

  • All artwork is by me, I’m an illustrator and you can check more of my work out at

  • I’m legitimately annoyed about the food blogs but this is all in good fun, please don’t take my offensive ramblings to heart, we’re all just here for the food!