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Summer Sangria

Summer Sangria


Summer Sangria

I’m not into super sweet drinks, so this is a tangy, refreshing sangria for summer time!

1 bottle of dry red or white wine (your preference)

1/2 blood orange if you can get it

1/2 orange

1/2 lemon

1/2 lime

1/2 grapefruit

1/4 of Grand Marnier (more or less, to your taste)

A handful of fresh basil

-Slice fruit into wedges.

-Rough chop basil. If you prefer to keep the whole leaf, lightly rub leaves between your fingers to release the flavor.

-Dump all ingredients into a pitcher and let chill for around 30 mins. The longer, the better.

-You can store this overnight to infuse more flavor.

Onion Soup

Onion Soup